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Myanmar is one of the safest country to travel and there are plently of friendly people that you can ask for help. However, you can know better general information about Myanmar before you travel by reading our Travel info page. Which mean you can make your checklist before you travel to Myanmar.


  • The country code is +95, and the internet access code is .mm.
  • Time Zone = MMT (UTC + 6:30)
  • Electricity is 220 volts AC, 50Hz.
  • The most common units of weight used in Myanmar are viss, ticals, lb and kg.
  • Cloths and other items of moderate length are measured by the yard
  • Road distances are measured in miles (one mile=1.6 km). Shorter distances in town or in the countryside may be quoted in furlongs.
  • Taxis are available everywhere. Bus lines run through Yangon everyday. For exclusive transport, there are car rental services.
  • Domestic highway bus terminals are Aung Mingalar and Dagon Ayeyar, both about 10 miles from downtown Yangon.


  • We highly recommend that travellers purchase fully comprehensive travel insurance which will provide medical-evacuation coverage should they require it before coming to Myanmar.


  • The modest dress such as light, casual cotton wear and easily removable footwear are recommended when visiting religious buildings such as pagodas and monasteries. Hats and sunglasses are recommended for the hot season, quick drying clothes, an umbrella and rain coat for the rainy season and a cardigan or light jacket for winter.


  • Master Card, Visa Card and China Union Pay Card are now allowed to withdraw cash (Myanmar Kyat) from ATMs of the “Co-Operative” Bank in Yangon.
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